A bit of PING,
A lot of PONG

Studio Ping Pong is a tiny mighty design studio based in Calcutta, India. We craft design solutions for founders and organisations that care.

With strong ideas and storytelling, we like to do work that is effective, playful, and most of all, thoughtful. Our approach is to work with our clients as partners, tackle their problems, and offer solutions that last. With a flexible process, we work across industries and love a new challenge.


The Ping

Studio Ping Pong

Kritika Trehan

Founder & Creative Head

Kritika studied at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore.

She loves brand building, design for social good and work that allows her to be funny. She talks too fast, organises too much and amateur cooks too often.

Prior to starting Ping Pong she has worked with clients such as Penguin India, Tinder India, Netflix India, OXFAM, JSW.

Studio Ping Pong

Tejaswini Waghulde

Graphic Designer

Teja studied at MIT institute of Design in Pune. She is a master of all things craft and has a meticulous sense of detail.

The only one with a green thumb, she makes sure that our heart is in the right place. Always up for more work, she is the only one likes to work, even on weekends.

Studio Ping Pong

Analina Sanyal

Studio Manager

Analina studied at Presidency University, Kolkata, where she pursued an MA in English. She has since been in various managerial roles, especially in the arts, to meld her creative and her pragmatic selves. As a Studio Manager at Ping Pong, she’s found the perfect balance between the two. She also moonlights as a writer, editor, and educator. A big fan of bright visuals in her workspace, she can be found wearing black on most days

Clients we’ve been lucky to work with